Why is Werner Tiernahrung GmbH the right partner for you?

  • Through low-cost bulk buying throughout the world we guarantee an attractive price/performance ratio, good quality and good margins.
  • New modern high-capacity production facilities make us very flexible with regard to volume, brand and target planning.
  • We provide optimum service and reliability when it comes to all matters of manufacture, logistics and distribution.
  • Short delivery times means that you can respond quickly to unpredictable market influences such as the weather or the activities of competitors.
  • The attractive and eye-catching design of our entire product range attracts attention on the shelf and promotes sales.
  • The eco-friendly, stable and easily disposable packaging is in line with consumers’ rising ecological awareness.
  • You can always place special orders for individual production such as product blends and private labels.

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Werner Tiernahrung Gmbh & Co. KG, Vogelfutter, Meisenknödel, Tiernahrung, Lünen, Münster, Dortmund, Pfiffikus, Vogelglück, Private Label, Wildvogelfutter, Ziervogelfutter, Volierenvögel, Nagerfutter, Meisenringe, Tierfutter, Wintervogel, Wintervogelfutter, Vogelnahrung, Meise, Spatz, Fink, Wellensittich, Ara, Stelze, Sommervogel, Maus, Mäusefutter, Meerschweinchen, Futter, Springmaus, Kaninchen, Zwergkaninchen, Hamster, Hamsterfutter, Qualität, Rohstoffe, Sortimentsplanung, Bestellmöglichkeiten, EDV-Anbindung, Lieferfähigkeit, Verpackung, Logistik, Karl-Ernst Giesebrecht, Rainer Große Schute, Tierfutter

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